Villa Pisula has 4 bed rooms, 3 bath rooms, saloon with dining room and kitchen. At the second floor there is a 30 sq m terrace and behind the house there is a covered place for barbeque. There is also a large flat grassed yard with lots of flowers. The cottage is placed in the best part of Velika village just close to the Strandja mountain 100 m from the forest.

The first floor consists of hall with a dining room. There is a digital TV with 50 channels, audio, video and DVD players.

-kitchen with a cooker, refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher

- bed room with a double bed

- bath room

The second floor consists:

- 2 bed rooms with WC and one living room.

The village Velika offers you the rare combination of mountain calm and close proximity of the South Black sea beaches. The village is situated 3km from the resort of Lozenetc. Near to you there would be the beaches of Lozenetc, camping Oazis, camping Arapia and camping South. The village Velika is at the foot of the Nature park Strandja mountain. There are lots of forest reserves here, keeping a rich biological variety of the region. You would hardly find such a silence, calmness and ecological clean nature at the Black sea sides.

Velika is 3.5 km from the beaches of Lozenec




For more information and reservations:

00359-0887-420220, 00359-029634711, 00359-0899-838129